Japanese-Style Restaurant Uonaka

Founded in 1881

Uonaka started as a lunch spot at the Takasaki Silk Market.

Our founder has passed down to us the spirit of Japanese omotenashi hospitality,

and we will continue to pass it down to future generations.

We hope that you will have a memorable time with us and experience the Japanese seasons through our food.

All of us here eagerly await your visit.

Sample Menu Items

Eel Dishes

Eel Dishes

Founded in 1881, Uonaka is the oldest eel restaurant in Takasaki.
We only serve Japanese eel produced domestically.

Various Bento Boxes (Starting at 1,620 yen)

Pictured is a 3,300 yen bento box kaiseki multi-course Japanese meal.
Meals packed in wooden boxes are also available, and delivery is a popular option as well.